Case Studies


Pickle Line Survey [PDF]


Aligning Rolls in a Paper Machine Winder – Article Reprint From Paper360 [PDF]

Winder [PDF]


Crane Survey [PDF]

Continuous Paint Line

A processor of food grade aluminum exhibited tracking and tension issues related to their vertical accumulator. AIM was contacted to perform an alignment inspection prior to an extensive maintenance outage to address issues with the vertical accumulator mechanical components, guides and rollers. AIM’s inspection established an alignment baseline and provided correction solutions. From the initial inspection, the accumulator, steering and tower rolls were found to be out of alignment as suspected. In addition, the coater was misaligned to the process, creating a substantial strip tracking deviation through the furnace by the time the strip reached the steering roll. The maintenance outage was able to address the mechanical problems in the accumulator so that alignment corrections could be made. This resulted in improved process control through uniform strip tensions and tracking. The processor reported a substantial decrease in re-work, in addition to an increase in line speed that resulted in greater throughput capacities.

Galvanizing Line

A Galvanizing Line was experiencing difficulty maintaining production efficiency without several vertical furnace crashes occurring each month. The strip was tracking considerably off center and causing significant quality issues on light gauge material. AIM was able to survey the entire vertical furnace in 8 hours using their patented technique, and defined a strip path model. This technique enabled AIM to identify the key alignment points that were causing majority of the tracking issues. AIM assisted with correcting these points within the furnace and adjoining bridle sections. As a result of proper alignment, the line was approved to upgrade their equipment, increasing their average line speed from 300 FPM to 500 FPM, making it the most efficient and profitable line for their company.